Registration Deadline is 7/31!

Tournament Rules


USSSA rules apply

Located at Centennial Park in Howard County

Teams will hit their own balls. Balls will NOT be supplied and teams must use balls with a Classic M stamp.

Two separate divisions are available for registration- D/E and E/Recreational

Tournament is Double Elimination

D/E teams are allowed 2 home runs per game

E/Recreational teams are allowed 1 home run per game

Any individual player will be permitted to purchase a wrist band for $30 that will allow them to hit unlimited home runs for the duration of the tournament that DO NOT count against their team’s home run totals. If a player with a wrist band is walked, they are automatically awarded second base and ALL players on base are to move up TWO bases. HOME RUN BANDS ARE LIMITED TO TWO PER TEAM.

Any home run hit in excess of the allowable number will END THE INNING.

Mercy Rules are as follows: 20 run lead after 4 innings; 15 run lead after 5 innings; 12 run lead after 6 innings.